Evolution Healthworks UC-1
Computerized Water Ionizer, Re-mineralizer System 

Key Features: 

Designed for commercial applications, the Evolution Healthworks UC-1 is simply the finest, most technologically- and functionally-advanced water ionization/mineralization system on the market. It is a fully-computerized, custom-designed and limited-production unit that is unavailable to purchase anywhere else.

  • Proprietary 14-Stage, 3-Phase Water Purification and Mineralizing system – The Best Filtration in the Industry!
  • Highest Quality Japanese Made 7-Plate Ionization Engine Available.
  • pH Range of 2.4pH to 11.6pH – Calibration of System Required
  • Alkaline Water ORP: -250 mV to -700 mV – Programmable to over -1000 mV
  • Acidic Water ORP: Programmable to over +1000 mV
  • Platinum Heat-Coated Titanium Plates made by Kobe Steel Japan – The Best Materials and Coating Process in the Industry!
  • Ion Exchange Diaphragm made by Yuasa Membrane Japan – The Best in the Industry!
  • Patented Automatic Reverse-flush & Drain-out System Prevents Growth of Bacteria – Critical to Your Good Health!
  • Automatic Variable Frequency Smart Electronics – Automatically Adjusts Amperage to the Source Water to Insure Proper Ionization Levels!
  • Power Consumption Range: 0.5W – 250W
  • Chrome-Plated Brass Smart Faucet with Automatic LED Monitor Display – Only Professional Grade Components!
  • Metal Frame
  • Filter Capacity of each Filter: 6000 Liters
  • High Flow Rate

Continuous Flow System: The Evolution UC-1 produces the purest, healthiest and highest-quality drinking water by never allowing water to stagnate. Combining years of testing and analysis of various water systems throughout the country, we have developed our powerful three phase purification and ionization system from the ground up. 

Design Specifications: Certifications: NSF/ANSI Standard 42 and NSF/ANSI Standard 53, 14 stage, 3-phase, purification/mineralization, independently lab-certified water quality.

Package Includes: Evolution UC-1 system; digital, computerized Countertop-mounted Chrome-plated Brass faucet with LED touchpad/indicator module.


Please Contact Us with any questions and/or comments you may have. We work hard to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your investment in an Evolution Healthworks Water System, and our customer service team is standing by to address your questions and concerns around the clock.