Evolution Water ™

It is a simple, but much overlooked, fact that all water “filtered or otherwise“ is acidic in nature. Chlorine, other chemicals, contaminants, and by products of natural water give it an acidic pH level. Over time, this acidity can be very harmful to your health and ability to fight disease because many organisms, viruses, bacteria, and even cancer, become more prolific and more harmful in an acidic environment.


Conversely, higher pH, negative ORP water becomes a defender of your entire immune system, providing an inhospitable environment for diseases to take hold and cleansing every cell in your body of impurities and toxicities every time you drink. Toxins are in the air we breathe, the foods we eat and the things we touch. We can’t get away from the side effects of our modern world.


BUT you can fortify yourself, and your loved ones, from the inside out, by consuming clean, healthy, ionized and mineral-rich  Evolution Water ™ The unique cleansing and nourishing properties of Evolution Water ™ stem from its high antioxidant quality, counteracting oxidation in every cell of your body and providing complete hydration.


With an Evolution Water ™ system, you get the absolute cleanest, healthiest, and most energizing form of water available on the planet.



Evolution Water goes through a 3-phase filter system:

  • Cleans your water with two phases of premium filters, removing 99% of contaminants
  • Introduces healthy trace minerals such as calcium and magnesium

Many customers start with our Aura H2O and are so pleased that they consider upgrading to the Aura Alkaline Water Filter.


What distinguishes Evolution Water is the ability to make it alkaline, which is desirable for a number of reasons:

Like most antioxidants, high pH water has a negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP) meaning it reduces oxidation in the body.

 Oxidation is the genesis of many diseases because it causes cells to become free radicals. The ions from alkaline water neutralize these free radicals and reduce acidity in your body.