Evolution Healthworks Aura H2O-Ion
Alkaline/Mineral/Antioxidant+ Water System 

Aura H2O-Ion Final

Key Features: 

  • Advanced 14-Stage, 3-Phase water filtration system, offering the world’s healthiest and highest-quality alkalized/mineralized and antioxidant-rich drinking water. 
  • Converts acidic tap water into Alkalized/Mineralized drinking water with the industry’s highest -ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential).
  • Non-electric Alkaline Core infuses your freshly filtered and ionized water with healthy trace minerals to raise your body’s pH and balance out acidity:
  • Potassium: Promotes absorption and retention of fluids, keeping you you more hydrated throughout the day. 
  • Coral Calcium: Improves bone health, lowers risk of osteoporosis
    • Magnesium: Assists with the body’s metabolic functions, reduces risk of hypertension, eases fibromyalgia pain and more..
  • SCIENTIFICALLY-TESTED AND CERTIFIED water quality by Zone Labs. (Contact us for detailed information and test results.)

Continuous Flow System: The Aura H20-Ion produces the purest, healthiest and highest-quality drinking water by never allowing water to stagnate. Combining years of testing and analysis of various water systems throughout the country, we have developed our powerful three phase purification and ionization system from the ground up. 

Designed to convert acidic tap water into fresh, crisp and clean-tasting Ionized water with > pH 8 – pH 10 and ORP of just -100mv to -600mv. 

Design Specifications: Certifications: NSF/ANSI Standard 42 and NSF/ANSI Standard 53, 14 stage, 3-phase, purification/mineralization, independently lab-certified water quality.

Package Includes: Aura H2O-Ion system; Countertop-mounted Chrome-plated Brass faucet for continuous flow.

Please Contact Us with any questions and/or comments you may have. We work hard to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your investment in an Evolution Healthworks Water System, and our customer service team is standing by to address your questions and concerns around the clock.