Evolution Water in the Office

A more eco-friendly, cost-effective way to hydrate at work

  • The days of the water cooler are numbered

  • That’s right… employees will have to find a new place to congregate and chat during work because Evolution Healthworks is introducing a way to save money and cut plastic waste in the office

water bottle service

  • Installing an Evolution Water Filter eliminates the need for water coolers or cases of bottled water in the break room. Instead, workers will be able to access filtered mineral water right from the tap. Great tasting, cold and healthy – without the plastic!
Filtered mineral water directly from the tap

Filtered mineral water directly from the tap

3 Reasons to Quit Your Water Delivery Service.


  • Thanks to our monthly service plan, you won’t have to worry about weekly deliveries, unexpected fees or planning filter changes
  • Just keep drinking the cleanest water possible and we’ll send a plumber to change filters periodically


  • Evolution Water Filters last for 4,000 gallons
  • That’s the equivalent of more than 30,000 water bottles or 800 five-gallon water jugs! 
  • Switching to an Evolution Filter is good for the environment and your wallet


  • No delivery charges
  • No weekly disturbances
  • No filled-to-the-brim recycling bins
  • We’ll work with you to analyze your office’s consumption and give you a monthly price that beats the competition