Customer Reviews

Virginia O., M.D. ~ Northridge, CA

I’ve been drinking Evolution Water for a little over a year now and the benefits are great. We were drinking water out of the refrigerator before we decided to get a EVO Filter, and I couldn’t be happier with the change. I have more energy and I feel like I’m providing a healthier water source for my family. That feels good as a mother.

Phillip F. ~ Carlsbad, CA

“The Whole Home System is fantastic. An incredible buy for the price. Much more heavy duty than expected.”

Eugene H. ~ Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA

“The changes I’ve experienced since drinking Evolution Water are phenomenal. The water tastes great, it keeps me hydrated longer, and it’s increased my overall energy, stamina, and contributed to my overall well-being. No doubt in my mind – the best water money can buy. And when you’re talking about something we NEED to consume, on a daily basis, this is an incredible deal!”

Taylor J. ~ Hacienda Heights, CA

“I am very satisfied with the Water Filtration System. I feel it’s the best system available with certified water.”

Edward H. ~ San Ramon, CA

“We replaced our Kangen SD501 with the Evolution Water Ionizer. Better function and water taste. Great!!”

Richard P. ~ Phoenix, AZ

“This product provides your body with the minerals it needs. It truly is a wonderful product and I couldn’t be happier about sharing it with my family”

Sean & Tracy F. ~ Las Vegas, NV

“A great unit and tested with a PH of 10+ with 80 ppm and -455 ORP. Great Price. It truly is a fantastic product – pure water, pure health for whole family – thank you”

Alyssa B. ~ San Diego, CA

” Aura H2-O is the best water purification/mineralizing system on the market!! A++. Really love that they have gone and had it independently certified!”

Doug D. ~ San Dimas, CA

“We have had the Ionizer for over 3 years now and it still works great. Easy to get the filters for and I love the water”

Giovanni N. ~ Palo Alto, CA

“VERY GOOD filter. Water tastes great! This is something I would highly recommend to anyone.”

Chris S. ~ Salt Lake City, UT

“My family and I have been drinking Evolution Water for over 2 years now. Not only have we saved hundreds of dollars over the cost of our former, traditional water delivery service, but the taste, quality and healthy-nature of Evolution Water is second to none!”